Love My Pet LLC
 Pet Sitting/Boarding/Daycare/Training
We love your pets as we do our own.

Boarding Services

LOVE MY PET Boarding Services:

Boarding in the sitter's home - Your pet will stay at the sitter's home, like going to grandma's house.  This is a popular option with our clients and our boarding homes who provide this service book quickly, so don't delay - book your dates today. 

.Play All Day * Rest All Night * Go Home Happy

  • Board for single nights or for extended periods.
  • Pets return to their beds at night tired, satisfied, and ready to rest well. They sleep great at LOVE MY PET.
  • Drop-off seven days a week.
  • Each pet receives hands-on attention and affection.
  • Exercise, socialization, and interaction all day.
  • Guests are encouraged to bring their favorite bedding, blankets, toys, and food, and something that smells like mom or dad (maybe an old t-shirt?)
  • We administer medications per your instructions. There is no extra fee.

Boarding Requirements
All pets must have current shots, including rabies, DHLPPC, and bordatella (kennel cough). Pets must be neutered or spayed at the appropriate age (LOVE MY PET will consider exceptions). New pets will be individually evaluated and introduced slowly into the community. Ill pets will not be accepted.

IN-HOME BOARDING (at our sitters' homes)
    CAT - $25 per night
    DOG (<30 lbs) - $30 per night (2nd dog <30 lbs.) $15 per night
    DOG (40-60 lbs) - $35 per night (2nd dog) $20 per night
    DOG (>60 lbs) - $40 per night (2nd dog) $25 per night
    OTHER (Chinchilla, or other caged pet) ($20 per night)

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